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Blue Focus Marketing – Co-Founders Cheryl Burgess, CEO & CMO, and Mark Burgess, President



 2013 BtoB Content Marketing Awards

MarketingSherpa Award:

Our 2013 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men and Women social executive campaign created the premise of our Chapter 12 – “Social Executives Drive Brand Value” for our book- The Social Employee  (Note: 2013 Campaign is for bloggers, journalist and PR professionals)

Book Announcement:

Book Trailer Post:

Free Chapter:

Campaign Objective & Strategy (Maximum of 300 words)

Blue Focus Marketing first began in late 2010.  As a start-up in the B2B social media space, our primary challenge in a world with over 180 million corporate and individual blogs, how could a new brand cut through the massive clutter and competition to gain attention and build a global B2B audience when so many others were ahead of us?  What unique perspective could we bring to the table, and how could we create value with our message in the B2B marketing space? In mid 2012, we wanted to transition from a social media marketing firm to a social business marketing firm in the B2B space, focusing on social employee and executives.

The primary campaign objective was to create powerful blogs creating awareness and interest in our brand (Blue Focus Marketing).  Our blog is strategically integrated into our Blue Focus Marketing website to help drive traffic to our site.   At the onset of the campaign we spent considerable time expanding building communities. The blog strategy evolved as a seed began in our mind that was centered on the concept of the social employee and social executive.  Our initial strategy was to self-publish an eBook on Employee Branding, but our blog content was so contagious that it drew the interest of major publishers.  Fast forward, in September 2012 we signed a contract with McGraw-Hill to our book The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work.

Once we completed writing our book, our blog became our book’s marketing social platform.  We announced The Social Employee through the blog and wrote posts to promote the book.  Blog posts were dedicated to the book trailer, free chapter downloads, and book launch announcements.  Our objective to create a powerful blog to build awareness and interest in Blue Focus Marketing and our book were quickly realized.   Our readers helped the spread word about The Social Employee across various social platforms, helping us reach and engage a larger global audience.

Campaign Results (Maximum of 300 words)

On September 2012 Blue Focus Marketing was awarded a contract by McGraw-Hill to co-author the book The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work.  Success Stories of social business companies: IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Adobe, etc.

We achieved our goal of transitioning from a B2B social media marketing company to a B2B social business marketing company by creating compelling content that helps companies build a successful social business by empowering the social employee, led by social executives.

Due to our creation of several blog posts and two embedded video book trailers, and our strong community of supporters in only five days after our digital launch publication, on August 5, 2013 our book ranked #7 on Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list in “business and Investing” category.  McGraw-Hill’s print launch is scheduled for August 15, 2013.

Also, in late 2012 our blog won MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award for  Best Social Media Marketing blog. In 2013, our blog was included on the Michael Brenner (Vice President, SAP) 20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need to Read list, and included in his B2B Marketing Future of Marketing eBook.

In January 2013, Blue Focus Marketing created the Blue Stream Syndication ModelTM (BSSM), which has a social reach of over 30 million.  In late 2012, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has utilized the Blue Focus Marketing blog to highlight their Future of Advertising 2020 program to influencers and we cross share blog content to reach social executives.

Our blog campaign of 2013 #Nifty50 Award to recognize the top 100(men and women) Social Executives on Twitter is featured in our book.

The net result is that we are a strong influencer in the B2B social business marketing space and have exceeded our campaign results meeting our goals and objectives in a short period of time.


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