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Blue Focus Marketing is an award-winning social branding and social business consulting firm.  We believe in building brands from the inside out.  We are focused on meeting your unique needs and your budget requirements.

Consulting Services

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  • Social Leader and Employee Engagement Strategy

    • Social Leader/Executive Presentations to Understand the “WHY”
    • Social Executive Activation Workshops – 2 – 4 hours
    • Social Executive Coaching on personal branding for social leaders
    • Social Employee Strategy Assessments & Development
    • Social Employee Workshops & Training & Engagement Training
    • Social Executive/Employee Activation Plan
      • Listen
      • Develop
      • Train
      • Deploy
      • Measure
  • Corporate Social Branding Workshops

    • 1, 2 or 3 day workshops
    • Strategy, Networking, Execution
    • Corporate Blogging, Twitter
  • Social Media Strategy Development

    • Mid-size Firms to Enterprise
  • Content Marketing Solutions

    • Strategy Development
    • Brand Storytelling
    • Content Creation, and Curation
    • Publishing, Distribution & Syndication
    • Ongoing Content Development & Management
  • Strategic Marketing Services

    • Marketing Planning & Strategy
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
      • Brand Choreography
  • Positioning & Social Branding

  • Employee  Assessments:

    • Surveys that align with brand strategy
    • Employee understanding of mission/vision/values
    • Skills Inventory
    • Employee Focus Groups
  • Social listening, analytics, actionable insights

Who We Are

Blue Focus Marketing® is an award-winning social branding and social business consulting firm that helps build brands from the inside out. We provide strategic marketing services including social employee branding, content marketing solutions and integrated marketing (what we call Brand Choreography™) strategy to drive brand value.  We provide social employee engagement training and education services to help brands unlock Social Executive/Employee Empowerment in their business using our proprietary BlueSEE™ Model.

What we believe

We believe that powerful brands are built from the inside out, where the brand inside is so powerful that it disseminates externally, and eventually becomes trusted and valued by consumers.  Brands cannot communicate externally unless they communicate internally. We believe that social employees fuel great brands, from start-up to global giants.  We recognize that employees who embrace the firm’s vision, mission and values become far greater business assets. By arming your employees with social tools and a cultural framework to succeed, your brand can unlock value and productivity through social technologies.  We believe the brands that empower their employees to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win in the marketplace.  The brand’s key to success is making a cultural connection with employees.  The catalyst for this connection is the social executive who adds fuel to the social employees’ efforts to engage customers and prospects.

The net result is a social culture of engagement that drives brand value.  How can Blue Focus help your brand?

Gain:  Insight.  Knowledge.  Advantage.

Insight: Our consulting initiatives provide our clients with insights and recommendations about the opportunities presented by social branding to help drive brands to become a social business.

Knowledge: Armed with a focused strategy and unique approach, you are ready to drive insight into action.

Advantage: We enable our clients to stand out from competition to achieve superior results. Simply put, this means empowering your brand and your employees in a social media world.

We understand that the traditional, digital and social worlds have merged. The marketing landscape has changed forever. Marketers face more options today – many of which are not found on a rate card. However, this velocity of change can be used to your advantage. You need the ability to use social media marketing and branding and content marketing solutions to build competitive advantage.

Social business is shaking the foundation of both large and small businesses. While change is never easy, companies that implement the best social media business practices and migrate from rigid command and control models to collaborative social business models will win the marketing wars.  The new social landscape is rich with opportunities as companies are challenged to elevate their relevance and become social businesses.


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