Content Marketing Solutions

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Content Marketing Solutions

If marketing has one goal, it is to reach consumers and influencers at the moment that most impacts their purchase decision.  Content marketing is about the creation and application of marketing content formats across all relevant touch points where between your brand interacts with and your audience.  Once you have a good understanding of your audience’s media and content consumption habits, you can create compelling content to meet their informational needs while helping to achieve your organization’s revenue goals.

Content marketing can help your business in multiple areas, including brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, website traffic, engagement, thought leadership, and sales.

We believe that a brand is the sum total of the entire customer experience:  the collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer.  Content marketing is a powerful contributor to meeting your organization’s goals by impacting the consumers’ perceptions about your brand.

Blue Focus Marketing can help your brand develop a powerful content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience, resulting in greater brand value.

Seven Building Blocks* to an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Scan the environment
  2. Develop a strong brand value proposition
  3. Persona development
  4. Content creation based on your brand story
  5. Content sourcing and management
  6. Build the content team
  7. Content distribution & publishing

Source:  * From Content Marketing Workshop, designed and delivered by Blue Focus Marketing for the American Marketing Association and Rutgers Business School.

How to Create Content to Engage Social Employees

1. Identify a core story in the heart of your brand’s value proposition. This will fuel the creation of key messages.

2. Develop your story platform. Infuse it with big ideas. Those ideas must be linked to your brand value proposition and your business goals so prospects can identify with them.

3. Map the delivery of your brand story to your audience’s information needs and buying stages.

4. Train your social employees. Arm them with the silver bullets (your story) that they need to impact customers in social media.

5. Focus on communicating what you do, not what you sell. Social media forces you to think differently. This isn’t about pitching products. Engaging content works like the North Star, guiding your audience toward your brand.

6. Develop your storylines and publish to all relevant touch points, from blogs to Twitter and Facebook and across your brand’s ecosystem. Work to create remarkable content that gets noticed and shared. The beauty of social media is the user’s ability to share content they deem worthy. Basically, really good ideas have legs that extend across a myriad of touch points.

7. Focus on creating high-value (remarkable) content to reinforce and extend your brand, contain news value, start conversations, and engage your audience.

8. Deliver real and unexpected benefits. Tell the users something they didn’t know so they come away smarter.

9. Syndicate and share through every network connection available, starting with the social employees’ own network. This adds the all-important element of authenticity and builds trust between the brand, customers, and prospects.

Source:  The Social Employee, : How Great Companies Make Social Media Work by M. Burgess, and C. Burgess (McGraw-Hill ©2013)

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