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AMA Content Marketing Workshop Coming to Charlotte, NC Taught by @mnburgess

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Register before Sept. 24, 2015 for early registration fee! I am proud to announce that, on Oct. 22 and 23, 2015, I will be delivering an AMA Content Marketing Workshop at the Aloft Charlotte Uptown at the EpiCentre, 210 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. In 2015, Content marketing is a marketer’s number one priority. Today’s prospective buyers have greater access to consumer information than ever before, and they are using it to make informed purchase decisions. By failing to build a strong content marketing presence around their...

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@TechCrunch announces formation of CultureSphere’s advisory board #EmployeeEngagement

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I’m thrilled to share that my new role as an advisory board member to CultureSphere was recently announced in TechCrunch.   I’ll be serving along with former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, Brocade CMO Christine Heckart, CMO Council founder Donovan Neale-May, and former Mitel CMO Martyn Etherington. CultureSphere was launched July 23rd.  The August 14th TechCrunch article explains how the process works: “Employees upload their own photos and videos into the company’s feed in the iOS app. Company-designated curators then go through the content and...

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#ContentMarketing Workshop at Leading #College to Drive Enrollment Taught by @MNBurgess #University

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Over the past several years, content marketing has been an undeniable force for social brands. The rules of the game may be constantly evolving, but the fundamental premise remains the same: provide social prospects with content that is both useful and engaging, and they will reward you with sales, message amplification, or both. But in a marketing field where the rules are constantly changing, where the strategies for crafting compelling content sometimes feel like they’re changing from week to week, how can we prepare marketers interested...

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[VIDEO] Learners Are the Majority: @CKBurgess and the @SocialEmployee Revolution Come to NZ #FWDLive @SParkDigitalNZ @PaulHenryShow

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I am proud to announce that I will be taking part in SparkDigital’s (@SparkDigitalNZ) FWD_Live 2015 (#FWDLive) event on Wednesday, July 29. I will be joining Charlene Li (@charleneli), Founder of CEO of Altimeter Group, who will be delivering the keynote address, for what it sure to be an exciting and informative event. You can either attend in person or register for the webcast. Follow the link for more details on registration. When I was visiting Australia for the 2015 Amplify Festival in June, I had a can’t-miss opportunity to jump...

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[VIDEO] Re-Thinking Employees and Culture in a Digital World #SHRM15 #SmarterWorkforce #HR

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A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of visiting the wonderful country of Australia to deliver a talk at the 10th annual Amplify Festival (@AmplifyFest). The event was the centerpiece of a nearly two-week trip that found me meeting with and learning from a variety of social business leaders in both Australia and New Zealand. It was a whirlwind of excitement, and I am very grateful to all the organizers at #AmplifyFest for bringing all of this together (for more details on Amplify, see my original post). When we talk about creating a...

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[VIDEO] Revitalizing Employee Engagement #SHRM15 #SmarterWorkforce #HR

Posted by on 12:02 am in Branding, Employee Branding, Innovation, Marketing, Social Business, Strategy | 0 comments

As I shared in my last post, this year’s Amplify Festival (@AmplifyFest) was a thrilling ride. In addition to delivering my talk, “Rethinking Employees, Rethinking Brand, Rethinking Culture: The Priceless Power of Socially Savvy Employees,” I also had the privilege of sitting on a panel titled “Revitalizing Employee Engagement,” which featured social business leaders Katryna Dow (@katrynadow) and Michael Weeding (@michaelweeding) in addition to myself, and was moderated by Rawn Shah (@rawn). I was very grateful to hear my colleagues’ insights...

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Now Co’s are Focused on Employee Experience (EX) via @mnburgess #SHRM15 #SmarterWorkforce #HR

Posted by on 12:02 am in Branding, Employee Branding, Marketing, Social Business, Strategy, Workshops & Training | 0 comments

UX (User Experience)  CX (Customer Experience) EX  (Employee Experience) Last month, I had the pleasure of joining such social business luminaries as Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe), Kristen Ritter (@KristenRitter), Laura Grover, David C. Thompson, Anders Gronstedt (@AndersGronstedt), and Kelly Orr at the Conference Board event “Creating, Managing and Evaluating the Digital Workplace” (see my original post here). As with most Conference Board (@Conferenceboard) events, a lot of ground was covered in a relatively short amount of time. Anyone...

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@Tom_Peters leading the 21st century employee and organization through EXCELLENCE

Posted by on 1:44 pm in Branding, Social Business, The Social Employee, Tom Peters | 0 comments

Tom Peters is a true social business leader in the 21st Century in every sense of the word.  On June 23, 2015, Tom posted on Tom Peter’s Blog an announcement of a digital award he received for his outstanding leadership for social employee advocacy leaders.  While Tom may be honored that he received the award, I’m more humbled that he announced this award on his blog.  Perhaps, I’ll always be enchanted by Tom’s red bull management style, softened by his understanding of employees and COMMUNITY.   As I explained in...

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@MNBurgess Rutgers Executive Ed Interview on Social Brand Strategy #RBSEE #socialmedia

Posted by on 1:44 pm in Advertising & Mktg. Trends, Branding, Employee Branding, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Marketing, Social Executive, Social Media Trends, Strategy | 0 comments

Originally published on Rutgers Executive Education Blog, Tue, May 19, 2015 Blog by:  Mark Burgess 1. Please tell me how you started out in Social Media? Well, for me, social media was a natural evolution of my marketing communications background, starting with advertising at McCann, moving to direct marketing, then to digital marketing, and finally to social media marketing. One advantage, I think, of marketers in my age group is that we’ve had the opportunity to see how things have progressed in media—both for marketing purposes and social...

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Empowering employees to be brand ambassadors #amplifyfest #DW24 #DigitalWorkplace

Posted by on 10:23 am in Branding, Employee Branding, Marketing, Social Business, Social Learning, The Social Employee | 0 comments

  Social technologies have revolutionized the modern workplace, providing employees with new communication and data sharing tools that allow them to collaborate and interact in exciting new ways. But while internal social adoption continues to grow, many organizations are still unsure how to best represent their brand in external social channels. Luckily, the answer has begun to emerge in the form of the employee brand ambassador—a powerful asset to any organization seeking to expand their footprint in the digital bazaar. The Important...

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