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Hi, we're Blue Focus Marketing

We’re a hybrid brand consulting strategy and training firm.  We build brands from the inside out.
Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess


Mark (@mnburgess) is co-founder and President of Blue Focus Marketing, a social branding firm that helps businesses realize the power of the social employee. Mark is a TED speaker, and co-author of best seller The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill) “How Great Companies Make Social Media Work.” His book features success stories from IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest, Adobe, and Domo. Mark is a digital marketer, content marketing strategist, speaker, marketing executive, and educator. He is also an online course author for Lynda.com + LinkedIn, and HBR Italia contributor.

Mark is Part-Time Lecturer at Rutgers Business School teaching MBA Marketing courses and executive education. Mark is adjunct marketing professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Mark has held senior level B2B and B2C positions at PwC, McCann, and AT&T.

Mark delivered a TEDx Talk in May 2014 on The Rise of the Social Employee. Mark is listed on Forbes Top 100 Must-Follow Marketing Minds on Twitter. He is ranked #19 in the Top 200 Content Marketing Influencers, and is a contributor to the Wharton Future of Advertising 2020 project.

Mark holds an Executive MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Cheryl Burgess

Cheryl Burgess


Cheryl (@ckburgess) is co-founder, and CEO of Blue Focus Marketing. She helps transform brands from the inside out by implementing strategic social business initiatives that empower social employee engagement, and social executive leadership.

She is the co-author of the best seller, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill), which includes success stories from IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest, Adobe, and Domo. Management guru, Tom Peters, hailed her book as “his favorite #1 social business book.” The Social Employee was featured in MIT Sloan Management Review 2015, and The Boston Globe.

Burgess served as a special advisory board member for The Economist Intelligence Unit, research arm of The Economist Group. Cheryl is a Lynda.com + LinkedIn author, creating online video courses for global organizations. She is also on the advisory board of CultureSphere, the world’s first social media platform powered by employee-inspired media. Burgess is an IBM VIP Futurist, and is listed as “Forbes Top 5 Influential CMOs”, “Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters”; Forbes “Must-Follow Marketing Minds”; and #7 Top CMOs on Twitter.” She is a contributor to Harvard Business Review—Italia and an expert blogger for CEO.com and CMO.com.

Cheryl is an international speaker. She has spoken at AMP, Australia and New Zealand; Social Business Forum Milan, Italy; IBM Connect, Dell World, and Pivotcon. She is a contributor to the Wharton Future of Advertising 2020 project. She is the winner of five Twitter Shorty Awards in Marketing, hailed by The New York Times as the Oscar of Twitter.

Our approach

Employee Experience (EX)

What is the Employee Experience (EX), and how can your organization embrace it to unlock the power of your workforce? The logical counterpart to User Design (UX) and Customer Experience (CX), the EX asks a fundamental question: If your employees aren’t excited about what they do, why should your customers be excited about your brand? At Blue Focus Marketing, we understand that an engaged workforce is a more productive one. By championing the EX, organizations have the opportunity to craft better products, boost social employee advocacy efforts, and propel their brand into the 21st century.

Think of Your Brand as a Planet

As a handy metaphor, think of your brand as a planet, and your employees as satellites drawn into your orbit. It is your brand’s duty to generate enough gravity to hold those employee satellites in place. Otherwise, you may find them drawn to other brands with a stronger pull. If this happens to your workforce, you don’t just risk losing some of your employees, you risk losing your best employees. It doesn’t have to be this way!


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Ready to build real social leadership within your organization, energize your content marketing strategy, or perhaps just get tips on making a really good chicken soup? We’re here to help! At Blue Focus Marketing, we believe that marketing excellence lies at the intersection of authenticity and ingenuity. Contact us today, and we’ll help you craft a roadmap to social business success.

Address: 810 Dow Road
Bridgewater, NJ  08807

Phone:  908.393.4775


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