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Madison Avenue Resolutions with a twist of Revolution

We used Twitter to scan our universe for resolutions for 2011.  As you will find, many of these resolutions are more about ongoing revolutions in the ad agency business.

We invite our readers, ad agencies, marketers, social media, and PR, to add yours in the comments section.  Happy New Year  from Blue Focus Marketing.  Enjoy!

Listed in alphabetical order: (With the exception of @adscientist – Currently, serving in Afghanistan.)

‘To become a better social media sherpa and inspire the hesitant to interact with the new landscape developing before us.’

Dan Higgins
The media strategy guy. I study trends, look at thousands of ads. Social Media @Modernista, Medical Officer @USArmy

“To continue thinking and executing very big business building ideas that are appropriately nuanced across all channels…
and more mobile!”

Michael Ancervic
‘Creative Director at Mullen, Art Director, Designer, Digital, Social, Collaborator, Photographer, Thinker, Brand Builder, Traveler, Dad’

” Agency will focus more on Social Media; our clients & consumers expect it. We need to learn all we can!”

Jeannette Baer
‘President Primary Color Adv., curious about technology and passionate about marketing, people, social media and #UsGuys’

“Story telling will continue to evolve at blinding pace, with even more consumer participation than ever before.”

Edward Boches
‘Chief Innovation Officer, Mullen; Marketer; Blogger; Helped create Brandbowl and thenextgreatgeneration.com; Board Member @BDWCU and @Springpad’

“Redefine strategy as the design of complex systems – and brush away pointsification as the fad of the year.”

Bud Caddell
‘I’ll be interested if you’ll be interesting, and vice-versa. follow @whatconsumesme too.’

“Overcome the shoemaker’s son syndrome: In 2011 I want to manage our own web presence with the same strategy
and care we provide to clients.”

Sean Duffy
‘Twits, blogs and consults about how social media can be integrated into marketing programs. Founder of www.theduffyagency.com a media-agnostic ad agency.

“Bring innovation, soulfulness, and a heck of a lot of risky adventurousness to every project. Collaborate with very smart people. Play.”

Kat Egan
‘Exopolis Founder. BDW Board member. SoDA founder. Instigator. Bit by wanderlust. Passionate re: innovation, great food, adventure, sensuality & experiments’

“Tweet, post, go viral – think this is a deadly prognosis? It will be if you don’t get your social fix.”

GJA Communications
“Advertising, Branding, Social Media, Web and Communications Experts.”

“Steer my clients safely and profitably through turbulent times, and still searching for the best Space Daiquiri on Earth”

Howie Goldfarb
‘Friendly Agency from another Galaxy + Ad-Land Insights + Music + Art + Extreme Sports + Culture + Wry Observations + Space Daiquiris: Howie G.- Chief Alien

“To stop wishing I stopped doing stuff and instead be myself.”

Scott Goodson
‘Founder and Chairman of StrawberryFrog, the world’s first Cultural Movement agency’

“The revolution will now be televised…printed, texted, facebooked, youtubed, twittered, and broadcasted through
means yet to be discovered.”

Jonathan Haigler
‘Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather Durham / Musician / Life Connesuir / Into Zagging While Others Zig’

“May 2011 continue to be about learning and sharing… may I continue to nurture, inspire and motivate future
AdLanders to their goals/dreams.”

Anthony Kalamut
AdGuy/Professor/Mentor of Creative Advertising at Seneca College Toronto – Former Creative Director mad about all things Advertising…but proudest being a dad

“In this mobile era, I’m hoping to better link the real world to the digital world in our 2011 marketing efforts. Oh & ween off Angry Birds.”

Khoa Le
‘Advertising creative director/art director/Asian tourist. Living the dream lakeside at nFusion after recently activating brands at TracyLocke (Omnicom)’

“To make more of our cool ideas a reality, rather than just cool ideas.”

Tim Leake
‘Creative Director and Solution Creator at Saatchi & Saatchi NY. I like to make and share things that are simple, creative and useful.’

“Keep Redefining the Power of Crowdsourcing and Innovation with Superb Client Services as our Main Ad Agency Model”.

Epirot Ludvik Nekaj
‘Ad Man and Founder of Ludvik + Partners. Fascinated by Digital World. My Current Best Friend: Samsung Galaxy S’

“Ad agencies must moderate the conversation between brands and consumers and bring their creativity to bear on technology.”

Simon Mainwaring
‘Ex-Nike/Wieden creative, former Worldwide Creative Director Motorola/Ogilvy, branding/advertising writer, author/speaker/blogger, Australian, idea geek.’

“I want our agency to add more clients, successful case studies and write 150 blogs in 2011.

Billy Mitchell
‘B2B Marketing Agency partner and creative director. MLT Creative is the idea launch pad for BtoB marketers. We make ideas work.’

“Don’t blog for a month, ppl assume you’ve nothing to say. Don’t tweet for a month, ppl assume you’re dead. Remember: silence isn’t social.”

Quintin Parrish
‘Creative Director, copywriter, digital strategist’

“Connect companies with brand and design talent globally, at lower expense. It’s one Internet, same telephones, same real people.”

Adam Rotmill
‘Creative Director. Clients: AT&T, BBH, Cisco, Cunard, Disney, DuPont, Elecom, Fuji Bank, GE, Marsh, NEC, NHK, 1996 Olympics, Sony, Toyota, Touchstone Films.’

“We resolve to do even more betas and use more new technology to tell brand stories.”

Rob Schwartz
‘Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\CHIAT\DAY

“I promise to educate and engage myself as much as I can so that I may pass what I’ve learned from those experiences onto my client work.”

Carl A. Sorvino
‘Father, Husband, Designer, Artist, Digital Futurist, Gamer, Geek. Likes Tattoos. Also a Creative Director.’

“My resolution is to explore and implement the mixing of inbound and outbound for our B2B clients using tags, video and mobile tech.”

Glenn Taylor
‘Partner and Senior Creative Director for MLT Creative in Atlanta, GA, B2B marketing experts.’

“Besides having a lot more fun, my resolution is to help our clients not only navigate through the digital/social media landscape,
but lead the industry.”

Larry Tolpin
‘Writer. Creative Director. President. Disney. BBDO. JWT. Ypartnership. U.S. Canada. The World.

“Be the change and love the haters.”

John Winsor
‘On the Victors & Spoils team’

“Visit more schools & help prepare ad students for what’s next. Far too many have the wrong expectations & modus operandi”

Adam Wohl
‘Co-Founder, Partner, Creative Director at MIR; Screenwriter. Motto: Have fun while you’re around, cause when you die, you’re dead for a long, long time.’

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New Year’s Resolution: Agency will focus more on Social Media; our clients & consumers expect it. We need to learn all we can!

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